What if a third party is to blame for your recent car crash?

What if a third party is to blame for your recent car crash?

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

For many people coping with injuries or property damage caused by a motor vehicle collision, the recovery process is straightforward. The fault for the crash clearly lies with one driver or the other, which means that compensation will come from an insurance claim or possibly a civil lawsuit.

Sometimes, there is a third party who could potentially be liable for the car crash rather than either of the drivers. What are some examples of crashes with a third party liable for the collision?

Drunk driving collisions

Most of the time, the liability for a drunk driving crash is obvious. Someone who knew better had too much to drink and then made the choice to drive home. They are to blame for their decision.

Unfortunately, drunk drivers may be irresponsible in more than one area of their life. They may have very bad car insurance or no coverage at all. When the person who caused the drunk driving crash had too much to drink at a licensed restaurant or bar, the people affected by the crash could potentially bring a dram shop claim against the business that sold alcohol to a visibly intoxicated driver.

Commercial truck collisions

Third-party liability often contributes to commercial crashes as well. Truck drivers may cause some of these wrecks, but some of them are the fault of their employers or the companies that hire them to transport something.

Transportation companies that force their workers to respond to emails while on the road, that don’t offer adequate training or that expect drivers to continue driving after they reach the legal limit for the day could be partially to blame for a crash. The same is true of a trucking company that did not properly maintain a vehicle. A client of a commercial truck or could be to blame if improper loading of the trailer caused the crash or if they fail to disclose something, like fluid contents, to the driver.

Other examples of third-party liability include defective vehicle components and faulty road design issues that cause wrecks. Identifying whom you can hold accountable for a recent motor vehicle collision will help you get full compensation for the losses you suffered.